This page has been put together as a place to obtain all the best utilities for both the emulators and a real CPC. I don't claim that it's an exhaustive listing, but it should list the major ones which no CPC enthusiast should be without.
Unless otherwise stated, all links are for PC based applications.


    CPDREAD 3.22
    The best CPC->PC transfer utility available. This can handle most of the protected formats available but will only write to the enhanced DSK format so will therefore not create images compatible with versions of CPE prior to 5.1.

    CPDWRITE 1.00

    22 Disk
    This is a generic file-copy utility for converting from CPM disks to the PC and back, mainly of use for converting files for the /tape directory or single files between machines.
    Included are disk format definitions for handling CPC data & system formats.

    CPC File System v0.85
    This is a .DSK image maintenance utility for adding and extracting files which are stored on a PC based file system such as the /tape directory. This version does not support the enhanced DSK image format.

All these links are CPC or CPM based so are for use on the emulators.

    Pyradev is the assembler that i use and was written bu Gremlin but released on their Discovery label.
    The suite includes an Editor, Assembler, Monitor & Disk Editor. Also inlcuded is a basic filecopy utility which doesn't seem to work on CPCemu.
    This is the CPM implementation of Pyradev.
    The Insider is only of any use on a real CPC with a multiface but is essential for making a hackers life easier.