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9th September 2001

    I've updated everything again to be in sync with NVG (5 Sep), CPCZone (8 Sep) & Nich Campbells CPC Reviews site (7 Sep).

    I've added a sorted by date list of files on NVG, in reverse order of course so the most recent should always be on the first page(s), you'll find it on the NVG List page from the index to the left.

    I've dropped the EZBoard messageboard in favour of my own locally stored Ikonboard system so feel free to join & start posting.

    I've added loading screens to about aother 50 games or so, i'll eventually get round to doing them all as i find the time.

    Some of the game pages have the ym files playing in background in you install the STSound plugin. If you've upgraded to IE6 however then it won't work as Microsoft have decided to drop Netscape style plugin support citing "security risks". At the moment there is no ActiveX based YM player that i am aware of so are there a couple of ways round this :
    Firstly, don't upgrade to IE6, obviously. If you've already done that then i hear that if you replace mshtml.dll with the IE5.5 version then you get plugin support back. Of course you do that at your own risk. Alternatively you could give Netscape 6.1 a try or another browser, i've not got the latest Opera installed at the moment to test it out.

July 2001

    Microsoft are pulling the plug on Listbot so i've moved the mailing list to Yahoo Groups. People who were already on the listbot list have been added to the new setup by me to save you all manually resigning. Yahoo groups has some quite good features as into the bargain, a chat room for instance. If you haven't signed up already, what are you waiting for? Click the link on the front page.

    I've also setup a messageboard, courtesy of EZBoard. At the moment there's only one forum, General, to kick it off but i'm open to suggestions for other subjects.

    I've refreshed the rest of the site to cover more file moving & renaming by Nich on NVG.

    Fixed the broken link to the Anirog page on the companies index

    CPCZone has moved to Emuunlim so i've updated all the reviews links etc.

9th July 2001

    I've finally got the companies pages updating in my new system so i've just uploaded them.
    There *should* be all the games that were listed previously for each company and a few more, there's also some more companies been added. As i go through updating my link data more companies will be added.

    Fixed the links to the ym files for Trans-Atlantic Balloon challenge & Warhawk.
    Added a link to the single reget file for the AA alphabetical reviews listings.

8th July 2001
    Just back from the first day of T In The Park so rather than go to bed i'll update the site again...
    I've fixed some issues with missing links and duplicate links. There are more ym files linked on the game pages and i've added the new games reviews on CPC Zone, mainly for Cascade 50 games disk.
30th June 2001

    I've just made my huge update at last and as a result the site has gone from 290 pages to 2500+. So here's what's changed....

      There are now pages for just about every file on NVG, there are some that are yet to be created but most of the games are covered.
      These pages are where you end up when you click on the game name in the Amstrad Action pages, and the titles on the NVG list.
      Each Page will eventually have the loading screen and details where known for the team who put it together
      Then a list of all available files for that title, the Amstrad Action reviews scores & links to external reviews.

    The advantage of this is that the Amstrad Action reviews will now match up to the mutliple versions of games being stored on NVG, previously you only got the choice to download one version of the game so now foreign language versions,cheats etc. will be all listed on the one detail page.

    I've updated the links to NVG getting rid, i hope, of all the files that had been deleted or renamed so all the links should now be valid.

    Malc Jennings has setup a new CPC site, CPC Zone, i recommend you check it out. I have already got links to all of his reviews in the game detail pages.

    I hope everyone likes the changes and i hope i've not broken anything as part of this update, please send me feedback on anything you would like to see added, changed or improved on the site.

7th June 2001

    I've updated the New on NVG List to list the work Nich Campbell has being doing. Some of the stuff is listed as new because he's renamed or moved the files therefore this page is the one which will have the correct links until i get my outdated data corrected which should be soon.

30th April 2001

    Has it really been 4mths? Doesn't time fly...

    I've been working on moving my admin system into Access which i really did get going on till March but i have now all but completed the migration.
    All i've got left to do is sort out the company pages generation and i should be able to create a near mirror image of the site from the old system.
    Of course as part of the move i've improved a few things and fixed some others. I've added a site search courtesy of Google which should help you find what you want a but quicker. I've also fixed some issues with the Style Sheets, the IE6 preview seemed to be case sensitive. So everything on the site apart from the company listings is generated from my new system. If anybody spots any errors i've missed then can they let me know.

    NVG has a new site administrator, Nich Campbell. He's been beavering away for the last few months cleaning up the archive and updating it. As a result not all of my links will work, some of the files have been moved or renamed and i haven't had chance to update my data with the new listings, NVG hadn't been updated for a few years so it's nice to have some of the gaps being filled in the the archive now.

    I've setup a setiathome group for the comp.sys.amstrad.8bit newsgroup, feel free to join Here,we've got some catching up to do on comp.sys.sinclair ;)

    I'm off on my hols for 2 weeks now so won't be responding to any email until the middle of May, hopefully i'll come back refreshed and ready to polish of the few final bits in Access then i can start adding new content to the site again, it seems like forever since i genuinely added something new....

17th December 2000

    Sorry for the lack of updates recently, planned changes have kind of snowballed.

    I've changed email address from my work to home one now seeing as that is now pretty permanent, so if people could use david@tacgr.freeserve.co.uk instead.

    NVG has changed name so all the downloads were broken when the old one was removed from the DNS servers. I've fixed all the pages (i think) so the links should be ok.

    The major addition in this update is precreated Reget download groupings. The files are available on most download pages and a larger single file is also available for each section, i.e. you can get a file for each company but also one file containing all the companies together.
    I've set the downloads to be stored in in subdirectories of c:\my downloads\cpc\ by default and as Reget uses a text file for its data then a search and replace can easily be used as required.
    I realise that this is a PC oriented solution so if anyone wants to give me details of alternative download managers for other systems then i will try to create alternatives for those systems.

26th June 2000

    Ulrich has release Beta 2 of Caprice V2, get it here.

16th May 2000

    I've fixed the Emulators page as none of the downloads were working. Also added Beta 1 of Caprice V2 which was released at the weekend.

7th May 2000

    The last update with initial CSS support wasn't too good if you didn't run IE.
    I've spent some time getting to grips with it and the pages should look a lot better in other browsers. Recommended browsers are Mozilla/Netscape 6, Opera 3.6 or 4 & IE 5 as these have the best HTML4 & Stylesheet support. If you don't use one of these browsers then the pages should be viewable, they just might not look as intended.
    I'd like to thank Karl Ove Hufthammer for his help in improving this aspect of the site and giving me some decent reference sites & examples to look at.

23rd April 2000

    I'm looking at trying to get my HTML upto W3C 4 spec which means converting to style sheets etc. Is there anyone who visits the site who knows their browser isn't upto it? I'm intending to have the site visible for NS & IE 4+ and Opera 3.5+ but i don't know what other browsers people use on non MS os's. I know Netscape & IE accounted for the majority of hits last year but i don't have recent statistics so i'd like to know if anyone has problems with such sites.
    I've already dropped some CSS code into the site so if anyone nas any problems i'd like to know.

    Added a text based index for browsers without Javascript. The only problem is if you have a browser that supports Javascript but not Java Applets then you won't get an index unless you turn off Javascript. If anyone knows a way round this while keeping the applet i'd like to know.

    Reimplemented the Netmind MindIT service for this page instead of the main page. I used to have it last year but Xoom did something to kill so i had to remove it but it works fine on Emuunlim.

    Fixed loads of broken links on the following pages :

      Utils pages, emulators page, help & quickstart pages, 180 Darts (again!), AgentX 2, Kev's Puzznic review.

    Kevin Thacker has released a work in progress of Arnold which you can get Here.

    Added PDF's of the 464 Manual for people to download, find them on the manuals link.

9th March 2000
    First update of the new millenium, or not, depending on which side of the is it/isn't it argument you stand...
    My workload went back up at work so i've had little time and/or motivation to do much heavy work on the site really, i've made some minor layout tweaks so the site should be a bit more readable and i've fixed some bugs in my html that broke some of the pages.
    Ulrich Doewich has put a screenshot of the in-development Caprice V2 on his site.
    I've added a bunch of YM files to the music rips page as well which can now be played on a real CPC or in the emulators using Andrew Cadley's conversion of the MSX YM player which can be found on his site