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Title Description Upl Date
ISHIDO (ARKOS) Board game 27/06/2005
JET SET WILLY Arcade game 27/06/2005
JET SET WILLY II+ Arcade game 27/06/2005
JET SET WILLY: THE FINAL FRONTIER Arcade game 27/06/2005
JUMP Arcade game 27/06/2005
KNIGHT LORE Arcade game 27/06/2005
LAWN TENNIS/GRAND PRIX TENNIS Sports game 27/06/2005
MAD MIX 2 Arcade game 27/06/2005
MATHS MANIA Educational game 27/06/2005
PJA/PROJET JEUX D'AVENTURES V1.30 Windows utility 27/06/2005
PLANETE MYSTERIEUSE (LA) Text adventure game 27/06/2005
PLAYTZX V0.60B MS-DOS utility 27/06/2005
ROBIN OF SHERLOCK Text adventure game 27/06/2005
SEPULCRI Arcade game 27/06/2005
SIDERAL WAR Arcade game 27/06/2005
SIRWOOD Arcade game 27/06/2005
SOL NEGRO Arcade game 27/06/2005
SORCERY+ (MAP) Documentation 27/06/2005
SPLIT PERSONALITIES Arcade game 27/06/2005
STIFFLIP AND CO. Graphic adventure game 27/06/2005
THING BOUNCES BACK Arcade game 27/06/2005
THUNDERBIRDS Graphic adventure game 27/06/2005
WINCPC V0.9.21 Emulator 27/06/2005
WIZBALL Arcade game 27/06/2005
WORM SLICKERS Arcade game 27/06/2005
WRITEDSK Utility 27/06/2005
WRITEDSK (ROM) ROM 27/06/2005
ZAP'T'BALLS: THE ADVANCED EDITION Arcade game 27/06/2005
ZBLAST SD Arcade game 27/06/2005
ZMAC 1.3 MS-DOS utility 27/06/2005
ZUB Arcade game 27/06/2005
DATABOX ZU HEFT 4/89 Type-ins 07/06/2005
DATABOX ZU HEFT 5/89 Type-ins 07/06/2005
AIGLE D'OR (L'): LE RETOUR Graphic adventure game 12/02/2005
AMC/ASTRO MARINE CORPS Arcade game 12/02/2005
AMSTRADEUS Utility 12/02/2005
BLOCKBUSTERS (MACSEN) Board game 12/02/2005
CITE PERDUE (LA) Text adventure game 12/02/2005
DISC+ULTRA Utility 12/02/2005
FOOTBALL CHAMPIONS Sports game 12/02/2005
FOOTBALLER (THE) Sports game 12/02/2005
FORTERESSE Graphic adventure game 12/02/2005
GRAPH-X Utility 12/02/2005
JEWELS OF BABYLON (THE) Text adventure game 12/02/2005
JOYAUX DE BABYLONE (LES) Text adventure game 12/02/2005
LIVINGSTONE SUPONGO Arcade game 12/02/2005
LIVINGSTONE SUPONGO II Arcade game 12/02/2005
LORDS Sports game 12/02/2005
LORIGRAPH Utility 12/02/2005

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