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Game Game
After The War AMC
Army Moves Basket Master
Camelot Warriors Freddy Hardest
Game Over Game Over 2
Aspar Grand Prix Master Mega Phoenix
Narco Police Navy Moves
Satan West Bank
Abu Simbel Profanation Aventura Espacial (La)
Aventura Original (La) Bestial Warrior
Bronx Buggy Ranger
Capitan Sevilla Capitan Trueno (El)
Cobra's Arc Cosmic Sheriff
Diosa De Cozumel (La) Dustin
Freddy Hardest 2 : In South Manhattan Guerra De Las Vajillas (La)
Hammer Boy Hundra
Jabato (El) Megacorp
Meganova Mejor De Dinamic (Lo)
Miguel Futbol Master Super Skills Nonamed
Ole Toro Pajaros De Bangkog
Phantis Don Quijote
Sgrizam Simulador Profesional De Tenis
Turbo Girl Mike Gunner
Rescue From Atlantis Target Plus
Templos Sagrados (Los) Chichen Itza

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