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Game Game
Addams Family Arkanoid
Arkanoid 2 Bad Dudes Vs Dragon Ninja
Batman Batman Caped Crusader
Batman The Movie Battle Command
Cabal Chase HQ
Cobra Combat School
Daley Thompson's Decathlon Daley Thompson's Supertest
Daley's Olympics Darkman
Donkey Kong Frankie Goes To Hollywood
Galivan Gilligan's Gold
Great Escape (The) Green Beret
Gryzor Guerrilla War
Head Over Heels Highlander
Hudson Hawk Hunchback
Hunchback 2 Hypersports
It's A Knockout Kenny Dalglish Soccer Match
Knight Rider Konami's Golf
Kong Strikes Back Madballs
Mag Max Matchday
Matchday 2 Miami Vice
Midnight Resistance Movie
Mutants Narc
Nemesis New Zealand Story (The)
Nightbreed Nomad
Operation Thunderbolt Operation Wolf
Phantom Club Ping Pong
Platoon Puzznic
Rainbow Islands Rambo
Rambo 3 Red Heat
Renegade Renegade 3
Robocop Run For Gold
Run The Gauntlet Shadow Warriors
Short Circuit Slap Fight
Sly Spy Smash TV
Street Hawk Tai Pan
Target Renegade Terminator 2
Top Gun Total Recall
Typhoon Untouchables (The)
V Victory Road
Vindicator (The) Wec Le Mans
Wizball World Series Baseball
WWF Wrestlemania Yie Ar Kung-fu
Adidas Championship Football Adidas Championship Tie Break
Burnin' Rubber Beach Volley (Ocean)
Game, Set And Match Ghengis Kahn
Hunchback The Adventure Imagine's Arcade Giants
Legend Of Kage Mario Bros
Never Ending Story Pang
Psycho Soldier Rastan Saga
Salamander / Nemesis 2 Simpsons: Bart Vs The Space Mutants
Super Soccer Tank
Track And Field Yie Ar Kung Fu-2
Navy SEALs Plotting
Robocop 2 Dynamite
All Star Hits 2 Justicers (Les)
Selection (La) Konami Coin-Op Hits
Konami's Arcade Collection Batman The Movie (Cart)
Taito Coin-Op Hits (Compilation) Magnificent Seven
Addicted To Fun Summertime Specials
In Crowd (The) Interville

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