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Reviewed by : Shaun Neary Reviewed on : 2001-12-13

The year of 1989 saw a lot of breakthroughs are regards to the coin-op scene. Graphics were getting better, games were getting faster and this was one of the games that lead the field. Capcom's Strider. An arcade game with more special effects and speed for it's time than anything else that was released. It spawned a big following and surely enough by the time that happened, US Gold converted for the home machines. US Gold's conversions of Capcom games so far have been pretty bland really so let's see what they have to offer in the way of Strider.

Under heavy attack

Climb the walls taking out artilary

You play the role of Strider Hiryu, a ninja that was chosen to face off against sworn enemy of the planet, Grand Master Meio (a name used for a DJ in this day and age). You have the task of having to jump, hack and slash your way through five levels of the game, in the hunt for the Grandmaster himself. It's a horizantally and vertically scrolling platform arcade defeating the henchmen long the way before getting to the enemy. And the enemies are a force to be reckoned with in their own right, the ringworm at the end of the first level is a classic example of this, and it only gets tougher as the levels progress.

Loading is as good as it's going to get. Approximately 5 mins for loading the main game and maybe 40 seconds per level as it's a multiload. Disks will work through this in seconds and it's all worth it. The graphics are so clear and drawn in mode 1 looking very sharp. Sound too is pretty decent enough although the tune will probably bore you after a while, but the effects are spot on. So far so good, once you get into the game it's no different, and this is amazing for a Tiertex conversion! This one has got playability to it! It's the right mix as well, it's not too tough and the difficulty progresses with the levels so it gives you with enough of a chance to sink your teeth into.

End of level ringworm.

The only drawback is questionable though. Does it have enough to warrant you to come back and play it again once you have completed it? It has always had the appeal for me personally but I never finished it so I do question the staying power of Strider, but with that, all things aside, this one is worth playing at least once. Even if it is just to surprise you and prove that Tiertex have some talent, it tends to make me wonder what made Strider so special to them. But it gets pretty much full marks all the way but slides just a little bit as far as the lasting effect is concerned. But still gets it's high rating all the same.

Smooth graphics and sound work well together.
Increasingly difficult during progression.
A game to make a CPC owner proud.
How long will it last though?

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