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Reviewed by : Shaun Neary Reviewed on : 2001-12-09

My recent rants on CPC zone have brought this review on. Having pointed Malc Jennings in the right direction, it's now time for TACGR to present Shaun M. Neary's truthful review of Street Fighter! US Gold were the first in line to win the rights to distribute the Capcom arcade smash. The code was written in a matter of months to make it in time for Christmas. US Gold got approximately 11 other titles from this deal including Forgotten Worlds, Black Tiger, Tiger Road, Ghouls and Ghosts and Strider. By this time US Gold had already released their first batch and it was a pretty mixed bag. Street Fighter was a monster hit in the arcade with pneumatic buttons which meant the harder you hit them, the harder your opponents were nailed! A standard version was released shortly afterwards. How does the CPC version fare after the glory the arcade version soaked up? Let find out.

Spinning heel kick sends Retsu flying


You play the part of Ryu, the Japanese representative for this tournament of pain and punishment. (There was a US representative called Ken but the 8 bit machines never saw him thanks to the two player option being omitted) You must travel around the world and take on the finest of Saigon, China, Italy, the US and other places around the world. Don't kid yourself into thinking that you're the only one that wants to win this one. Because they all do. Every man for himself in this case. But you don't care about any of this, you have every martial arts move in the book, you are totally pumping adrenaline for this one so there is nothing stopping you from going out there and showing the world what you're made of without the help of Mr Miagi and his "wax on...wax off" techniques. In theory this sounds like the perfect clone for Yie-Ar Kung-Fu but in practice, is this really the case?

For those new to this scene then you won't be prepared for my response. Those familiar with me should sit back and enjoy. There are games that you have to be brutally honest about and this is one of them. Loading is a complete pain on tape although disks are fine. I could understand if the multiload might have been worth it but i can't say that at all. Graphically it actually doesn't look too bad. Drawn in mode 1, It's out to impress, which it probably would if the movement of both men weren't so slow and jerky! Sound is a horrible let down altogether. I mean, the Yamaha chip does have a lot of limitations but It's capabilities go beyond the crap that's produced here. Unfortunately, it doesn't end there. Gone are 3/4 of your moves and fighting techniques you're supposed to outwit your opponents with! Leaving our poor contender looking like a complete and total nitwit! Bizarre thing is, all the opponents have all their moves and effects!

Geki the ninja proves himself.

Words cannot express how disappointed I am with this conversion. Tiertex were called in on this one so the fact that Street Fighter is an abomination comes as no big shock to me at the end of the day. The signs of rush job stick out a mile like a sore thumb! And the fact that the C64 and Speccy versions outshined the Arnold, adding insult to injury, just throws the salt into the wounds of CPC users. Why? Yie-Ar Kung-Fu came off much better than Street Fighter. We could have lived with the spectrum-esque graphics (we've done it before!) as International Karate proved that you can sacrifice colour for something playable with tons of moves. And Way Of The Exploading Fist proved that you could have your Cake and eat it all in one gulp. All Street Fighter has managed to prove is that is that all you need is a major licence and a name alone will sell off a game, no matter how lame the game is. And US Gold and Tiertex proved it well.

Graphics look great but execute horribly.
Sound is an insult.
Not a patch on its arcade parent...
... Yet some fans might still like it.

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