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Bad Dudes Vs Dragon Ninja
Bad Dudes Vs Dragon Ninja
Programmer James Higgins
Graphics Martin McDonald
SFX/Music Jonathon Dunn
© Data East - Imagine 1988
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Dragon Ninja (Bad Dudes Vs)
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Reviewed by : Shaun Neary & Kev Thacker Reviewed on : 2001-12-02

This is not a new review. It is a revamped review from the Kev and Spike archives. Original review date is 29/11/1995

Ocean have done it again, grabbing another arcade and recreated it for the CPC, Bad Dudes vs DragonNinja. This one earlier on in the year was Data East's competetor for Double Dragon, boasting a two player option. The arcade version went down well, although didn't obtain the success of Double Dragon but it was still playable. For the 8 bits the name of the game was changed to DragonNinja because a two player option wasn't programmed into them, apparently in their attempt to hit the deadlines (the 16 bit versions were delayed to avoid this). But despite this letdown, can Ocean repeat their previous successes? Let's find out.

Bad Dudes Vs Dragon Ninja
One on one confrontations with ninjas are rare.
Bad Dudes Vs Dragon Ninja

Well nobody ever said Karnov was cool!

Over a period of time, it seems that Ronald Reagon has made a few appearances on the CPC (See the Split Personalities review If you're not sure what I mean!). Well,here he is, yet again in another outing from Ocean (The No.1 software house that has brilliant programmers which produce lousy games!) A scrolling beat em up with no exceptions. Bad Dudes vs. Dragonninja puts you, Blade, in charge to find the over exposed president,in a situation he would never imagine he would be in The "very intelligent" president has got himself kidnapped by the ninjas. Now picked for this very special mission (Not to mention very life threatening), is Blade. This guy has seen them come and go,you name it, he was there. Blade must travel through the streets, valleys and yes, he even has to beat up enemies on trains and trucks! So by the looks of things, he has his work cut out for him.

In his arsenal, Blade has a mega punch, and his martial arts know-how (punches, kicks, high kicks, etc),and he will need everything he can get his hands upon to defeat the Ninjas. The Ninjas are a tough crowd, who attack as a gang rather than one on one (Smart if you think about it!) They're quick, but are you quicker? Also out after your hide are end of level bosses.Among these are Karnov, Shinobi, and yes, even a Robocop lookalike! Occasionally, the Ninjas, after dying, will leave useful items lying around. Extra time, cans of coke, Daggers and Nunchucks are up for grabs here. And they're needed to extend your shot range, as your mega punch won't help you when there are millions of ninjas coming from out of nowhere (In fact It won't help you because It ain't any differant from the ordanary punch ,what a let down for the hero indeed!) - (It is on the other 8-bits - Kev)

Bad Dudes Vs Dragon Ninja
Ninja's gang and climb trucks to get at you.

Overall this game is average. Loading time is fine on tape, especially if you're totin' 128k as it will load in all the levels, but this takes a little longer. The graphics are a little blocky and are very difficult to control (especially when the dogs come out of the blue and there are ten ninjas trying to beat the living shit out of you! The sound is pretty dire. The music is cool but it disappears when you play the game and all you're left with is pssst, phuttt, pssst which is annoying. There isn't really anything much to do after that because the enemies are easilly defeated and once you finished the game, the novelty wears off. This irritates me because the faithful Amstrad is capable of so much better than the tripe that is handed up here.

And to put more salt into the wound I have to inform you that you have paid for the worst version of a game that went down so well on other computers 8 and 16 bit. Headwrecking isn't it?

Fast, if not well detailed graphics
Another class tune by Jonathan Dunn, but poor effects.
No two player option, lets the arcade down badly.
Suffers the "rush job" syndrome

Kev's comment:

The only thing that is half decent about it is the samples on the 128k version of "I'm Bad" and "Arggh" that sound like they are spoken by an Australian (no offence intended!), and I thought the Bad Dudes were American.

However, it is so difficult to actually know when you are going to die, then all of a sudden the game pauses, the sample is played, and then it starts again. The thing that really pisses me off is that once there are hundreds of Ninjas around you, you might as well switch off the computer because it is almost impossible.

The power-ups are shit, and the nun-chucks are the only ones worth keeping, the mega punch doesn’t do shit, and all the bosses are so easy to defeat, just punch, move to where they fall and then punch again. *yawn*

However the 3rd level gives some slight relief, when you find the bug where you can walk in the slime and almost become invunerable.

Basically, its naff, could easily have been done better.

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