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Space Harrier
Space Harrier
Programmer Uncredited
Graphics Uncredited
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© Elite Systems Ltd 1987
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Reviewed by : Shaun Neary Reviewed on : 2001-11-17

We feel the need, the need for speed! Shoot 'em ups were always pretty popular on the CPC scene (which is really something that hasn't changed a hell of a lot ten years down the line!) and this is basically the exception to prove the rule. Almost one year since its release in the arcades in 1986. Elite snapped the up the rights for the license and released it out in the middle of 1987. The arcade version was notes specifically for two things. The first being the hydraulic chair that you would sit in which would spawn many clones (Outrun being the first). The second one for the sheer speed of the game and it's 3D nature. Neary opens the Story so Far volume 2 compilation and chooses this as his starter.

Space Harrier
Guns loaded.... Get Ready!
Space Harrier

End of Level 1 dragon.

Well as afore mentioned, the nature of this one is a shoot em up, and one that stood out in the crowd during its time in the arcade. It was in full 3D and had quality graphics, something that the Star Wars games and Tron etc just couldn't get the hang of. But the industry had come a long way since then and people had come to expect more. Well when Space Harrier made that impact and added speed to it, giving it the 'memorable blast em up' throne. Aliens have taken over the planet and you were sent to destroy the lot. A lot of time will need to be spent on this one ladies and gents, as it has a total of 50 levels on it. And even the hardened of gamers would be at this one for a while. Depending on your view, 50 levels can be a lot, or not enough, but given the perfect mixture of difficult, 50 levels should be just enough.

Disk users will find this pretty painless as per usual, while tape users might want to consider doing the weekly shopping as it loads under blocks and the lowest possible speed! Mind you, the graphics look impressive on that loading screen, although when the game itself loads the graphics will look initially disappointing as the enemies are outlined which make the game look very primitive. This was done for a reason, and it becomes inevitable once the game is played. The speed of the game tends to show as a direct result of it. Your hero has the privilege of having his character filled in but it's the only one, which is a shame because the dragons at the end of levels really did look impressive in the arcade. But the sacrifice is well worth it, because either playability or the sound would be left out. Something which I, for one feel would be pointless.

Space Harrier
But alas, our hero gets creamed

This one was a hard one to call at the end of the day, because being perfectly straight here. It looks a farce whilst playing, but everything moves so fast that after five minutes, one tends not to notice it. It's one that keeps you glued and will keep you coming back. It has just the right mix of difficulty, something it clones straight from its arcade parent. Elite came up with a winner on this one I have to say, It's not very often that arcade version converts well enough to warrant you to play it again, but I couldn't stop playing this one. Especially considering it was bundled in with the compilation, I would have to say this one is the best of the bunch, leaving the others straggling. I'll be honest and say it was the reason why I got it. But I'll go ahead and recommend Space Harrier, it's not like I have any choice in the matter, if you haven't played this at least once in your life, you haven't lived.

Ok, review is finished now. Go Play!

Converted faithfully from the Arcade.
Fast, smooth scrolling.
Instant addiction.
Disappointing graphics though.

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