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Reviewed by : Shaun Neary Reviewed on : 2001-12-07

When it comes to being a young boy, (especially with Christmas coming up) one thing that always ended up on the christmas shopping list at least once in the 80's was one of these! A Scalextric! Virgin have brought the joys of track building and racing until all hours of the morning onto the CPC. But is it actually possible to pull this one off on the home computer? Well they managed to do pogo-sticks, the impossaball, so why not a scalextric? Take two cars, an unlimited amount of track parts and add a lunatic who's crazy enough to make a track so scary, it makes a ride at Alton Towers look like the kiddies ghost train! Time to get behind the wheel and test drive this outing from Virgin.

Neary gets the headstart in Snow

Lap 2 and still in the lead

Well Scalextric is the games name so It's not going to take rocket science to figure out what this one's about. You have the opportunity to take the time out and build the track that you want to race around. There's also a two player option in case you would like to play with a friend. But for all you anti socialists and loners out there. The computer is avallable on three dffferent skill levels to toy and tax your driving skill. The track builder is a load of fun and you could be a long time with this part of the game alone! If you're feeling like a bit of a lazy git then there's a few pre built tracks to choose from. Once you're done with that, then its down to the nitty gritty, the showdown, the big race itself, once you select the number of laps you're willing to take around your masterpiece. Which brings us to the question: Is it as much fun to race around and play as it is to build?

Well thankfully we don't have a long time to wait for this one to load up from tape even. Less than five minutes and no multiload required. Graphically it's just above average but good enough for the games age. The cars can tend to move a little on the slow side, especially when it comes to the corners of the track. Once you get a long enough straight then you will notice the speed increase. The sound aren't so impressive though. The buzzing of the cars engines are about as realistic as the cars turning movement. Come to think of it, the sound of real Scalextric cars sound better. No game tune. No music at all during the game which is disappointing. Game wise, It's enjoyable but a lot more enjoyable with another human player as the computer cars are a little on the easy side. Even the difficult computer car was beaten after a couple of attempts. But I guess some of this has to do with the tracks as well.

But gets left for dead in the end.

What puts this one in the average catagory is the fact that there is precious little about this game that will you come back to it. Once you have built a couple of tracks and raced them then the novelty tends to wear off pretty fast. Even for it's time, it's still a little on the bland side. I'm torn on an overall score with this one because whereas the track builder is nice, if not a little on the slow side, but how Hornby Hobbies can sit back and endorse this one tends to make me wonder on how much money was involved in the contract signing. But it is enough to keep one occupied for a couple of days probably, but the lifespan of this one is pretty short. There's a good possiblity that maybe two more computerised cars could have made this game a lot more playable. But as it stands, this one gets put back in the drawer never to be seen again.

Above average graphics but very poor sound.
Great track builder.
Slow moving cars.
Opposing cars are not enough of a challenge.

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