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Rockstar Ate My Hamster
Rockstar Ate My Hamster
Programmer Colin Jones
Graphics Paul Hiley
Chris Graham
SFX/Music Uncredited
© 1989 Codemasters
Reviewed by : Shaun Neary Reviewed on : 2001-12-07

Codemasters are better known for their budget releases more than anything else from the Dizzy series to games prefixed with "Pro" and suffixed with "Simulator". So when we saw this one on the shelves in a large box at full price we scratched our heads wonder if there was a pricing error or something. Nope, this was Codies attempt at breaking into the full price market. It didn't work and they ended up batching compilations on both budget and full price instead. Codemasters never really tried for the whole management type game before this either. So it's safe to say that Codemasters are attemping to kill two birds with one stone with this one, but are they really playing with a loaded gun and shooting themselves in the foot? Investigation time says me!

Rockstar Ate My Hamster
Setting up the Franchise
Rockstar Ate My Hamster

How much would you pay?

Rockstar ate my hamster is a management simulation game without the boredom. Your circus act just went down the pan and you're left with £50,000 to get somewhere in life bore Guttersville is your call of the day and your final destination. Meet Clive and Cecil, the less than dynamic duo who plan to take the rock music world by storm. These two would remind you of Delboy and Rodders (Only Fools and Horses - BBC television) and haven't the first idea of the rock music scene! You're brought to the screening room for the auditions. Bruce Stringbean, Sado, Dorrissey, Lummy, Meathead, Sidney Sparkle, Stiff Pilchards and Tina Turnoff are your list of talent as well as a host of others. To sum it up, get your bands act together then get them on the road, then into the studios and make a stack load of money, avoid cheap and nasty recording companies (Floppy Discs springs to mind) and dodgy sponsers. Either that or go Broke, choice is yours!

So how does it fare overall? Graphics are a little bit on the spectrumesque side but don't let this put you off, it is a management sim after all. The characters are well drawn out and are complete piss takes from the originals and it's not as cheesy as Spitting Image puppets which has to be a good thing! Sound gets a nice thumbs up too although your band sounds worse than any Oasis album, but they do improve with time (provided they don't die off or else walk out on you). And loading isn't much of an issue on either format I'm proud to say. Rockstar ate my hamster has the comedy factor to keep anyone coming back for more. All the rockstars have to be tried and tested at least once. It's not one to be bored of in a hurry especially when you have four gold disks to work on. And keeping your albums and singles in the charts isn't easy!

Rockstar Ate My Hamster
When you're pushed too far…

Certainly not a bad debut for the new Codemasters Gold label. If it had produced more titles like this one then the label would have probably gone well over. Unfortunately Rockstar ate my hamster is the only strong link in the bunch as far as it's releases are concerned. You will find yourself laughing time out of number whilst playing this one and on behalf of TACGR, I can't recommend this one enough! Funny graphics, funny sound, and a very addicting appeal. Decent management games are hard to come by, but this one would appeal to all except the minors as there are some scenes of nudity and some strong language in the game which basically states that this one is for mature audiences only. A strong game worthy of recommendations.

Superb comical graphics & sound.
You'll never look at music in the same way again.
Grabs you begging to play it.
We're talking 15s rating here folks.

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