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Programmer John Brandwood
Graphics Mark K Jones
SFX/Music Fred Gray
© Taito - Imagine 1988
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Reviewed by : Shaun Neary Reviewed on : 2001-11-05

Lets face it. Two thirds of games that were released for the CPC (as well as the rest of the 8 & 16 bit market) were either arcade conversions or based on movies. Renegade was pretty well received in the arcades on its release in 1987 although it's success was short lived when Double Dragon stole it's trophy. Less than six months after the release of Renegade, Ocean bought the rights as part of their spree for the year (also taking Gryzor, and. Presentation is done pretty well with a nice loading screen. Tape users don't suffer too badly either for the main game to load but the multiload is still there to haunt you. We're talking about one minute for each level. With that in mind, lets get into the game.

Kiss reject gets a kick in the head.

An attempt to mow our hero down.

Instant shock as you play the game first. This could be down to the games nice graphics, or it could be down to its strange way of handling. In order to replicate the coin-op's controls. The fire button on the joystick is forsaken and the fighting moves are controlled by the keypad. So that move left everyone that didn't look at the manual before playing the game (including yours truly) with some surprised looks on their faces. Once this was discovered then the fun begins. Your girlfriend has been kidnapped and you have fight through five levels to get her back. Looking in the rearview mirror I wonder how that sledgehammer of a plot is still used for entertainment to this day!

Starting off in the subway, you're already surrounded by the heavies, the tougher ones that will take you on barehanded and the weaker ones with lead pipes. After a while their head honcho comes out and gives it some. Put him over and its off to the docks to have some bikers attempt to mow you down. A few flying kicks sends these goons the message that they need to try a bit harder so they'll ditch the bikes and take you on in combat. Some of these look like Kiss rejects but with feet first, we can overlook this. Finish off their boss then we have girl power which hurts more than any Spice Girls song! Leather clad women and chains might be your bag, but the only bag they'll see you in is a body bag. Especially with big Bertha at the end of it.

Ganging up to attempt to push you over.

Two more levels see you dealing with crazy brothers from da hood wielding blades and wearing suits nastier than the blades! Then itís the final confrontation with Mr. Big who keeps a gun with him to keep him warm but dusting you off isn't out of the question either. And he'll have his cronies with him who also want to play Zorro with you. If you do beat him then it's back to the beginning on a harder level. Graphically, for what the machine is capable of pulling off, the game ls quite impressive. The sprites are well put together and move fast. Also a cool blood effect (which has to be activated using a keypress. It was released around the Hungersford massacre and had to be censored) is thrown in. A tune for each level is there as well.

A definite classic that will keep you playing for a while, and then some. It's just a shame the controls are so damn awkward.


Looks and sounds great
Nice variety of enemies
No defense weapons except your fists
Simultanous joystick and keyboard control can be quite annoying

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