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Arkanoid 2
Arkanoid 2
Programmer James Higgins
Graphics Ivan Horn
SFX/Music Gary Biasillo
© 1987 Taito - 1988 Imagine
CPC Zone Cover Scans Arkanoid 2 : Revenge Of Doh
Arkanoid 2 : Revenge of Doh
Arkanoid 2 : Revenge of Doh
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Reviewed by : Shaun Neary & Kevin Thacker Reviewed on : 2002-02-06

This is not a new review. It is a revamped review from the Kev and Spike archives. Original review date is 5/12/1995

The plot for this one must date back to the late seventies! The famous bat and ball games, often copied, always the same (unless you play the PD clone, Breakdown in which case, you will find that the ball moves too fast and it is too hard) In 1987 Taito decided to bring this game back to life and they created Arkanoid. It went down well at the arcades, especially that control knob for moving the bat. One year later they wanted to capitalise on Arkanoids success and therefore they released a sequel. Arkanoid 2:The revenge of DOH is born.

Arkanoid 2
Making progress brick by brick.
Arkanoid 2

And then the lasers come into play!

You are an only craft to struggle from the mothership ARKANOID. A lone surviver of sorts. Now it's up to you to get to grips with Thirty two of the most taxing levels that you have ever seen in your life. You have to get to the enemy craft, and knock down Thirty two walls in order to take control of the Mothership before it sinks to it's doom. Your ultimate weapon? A power ball. This thing is so strong that in can break down anything in it's path, the only thing that it can't survive is not being deflected by the VAUS (Your infamous bat). So it's off to the big bad world of combat. As you launch the ball into the air,it returns at twice the speed that you already sent it! A real test of the reflexes,you could say! Anyway, differant patterns of blocks clog up the screen and must be smashed up at all costs. Failure to deflect the ball will result in the loss of a life.

There are differant forms of help in the shape of differant coloured capsules. These will provide crucial, nesessities such as Extra lives, stickability, Enlargement, a twin vaus and,if you're very lucky, An exit through the back door! This is very handy (but then again, so are all forms of short cuts) as you can save a lot of lives this way. Alien lifeforms fall from hatches at the top of the playing screen threatening to send your ball back to where it came from. And it does, but they are destroyed with one hit (unlike some of the bricks that take four hits to remove), These aliens really throw you off your gameplan.

Arkanoid 2
So much to destroy, so little time!

Graphically this one's an improvement over the original. It uses the overscan technique (For those of you that don't know what this means, It takes up some or all of the border. Megablasters is a classic example of overscan.) It looks identical to the arcade version. Fans of the original will love this one as it is a lot more difficult than Arkanoid 1. There is a really cool soundtrack on the title screen (if not a little annoying because it repeats itself so many times) But if your patience is limited, than avoid like the plague. A true classic in it's own right.

Looking good for this type of game.
Nice but repeatitive theme tune, sadly limited effects.
You could find it a challenge, or you could find it a turnoff.
Nice Sequel, too difficult though?

Kevs Comment:
A great game, but it does get difficult. I like to play this one quite a lot.

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