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Operation Wolf
Operation Wolf
Programmer Andrew Deakin
Graphics Ivan Horn
SFX/Music Jonathon Dunn
© 1987 Taito Corporation Ltd, 1988 Ocean Software Ltd
STSound Enabled
Reviewed by : Shaun Neary Reviewed on : 2001-11-26

If there were big names and heavyweights being grabbed left, right and centre around Christmas 1988. Then sure enough, you can place a safe bet that Ocean were the proverbial cats that got the cream. This was their attempt at letting such rivals such as US Gold, Actvision and Elite know that they had the majority of the big coin-op licenses and they were going to use them. Operation Wolf, released by Taito eight or nine months beforehand was a single person view shooter, in the arcade had it's distinction of its gun simulation feel to it. It earned it's success in the arcade scene but with the help of Ocean, does it have the potential to achieve the double with the CPC version? Judgement day has arrived.

Operation Wolf
Mercenary #1 taken out with a good aim!
Operation Wolf

The Jungle: Grenades destroy the tanks.

The whole object of the game is to shoot your way through six levels of hell, so to speak. Hostages have been and need to be rescued. None of the mercenaries must remain alive. So far we have established that we haue a bitch of a job ahead of us, but nobody else is willing to take this one on board so you really don't have much of a choice in the matter! Armed with an uzi, a limited supply of ammunition and six grendes, you set out on the hunt. Extra ammunition and health are up for grabs as you go berzerk with the gun. The hostages tend to be a pain when they start walking into your line of fire more and more often as you progress levels. So care must be taken or your bar of energy will start to sink faster than the titanic ever did.

Back to tape land for me, loading actually isn't too bad on this one taking just over five minutes to load the main game in. Multiloads hit at about one minute each. The game itself turns out to be worth the wait though with clear, responsive graphic and effects that on the spot, especially the explosions. The difficulty level is one I rated as to very similar to the arcade as I used pretty much the same tactics on both. Control isn't all that difficult although one key is needed from the keyboard to fire the grendes. This, however really shouldn't need to be a problem however as most games have gone that way. Obviously there's no gun so it's substituted with a target on the screen. It still works pretty well as it's pretty responsive to the joysticks moves.

Operation Wolf
And we just love those explosions!

So where does this one fall down? Nowhere as far as I can see. The later levels are a challenge (especially level 3 and onwards) but it's not so difficult to get that far, which is nice as it indicates a perfect mix of difficulty and playability. Grapically it just falls short of bring out the best out of the CPC but it comes in at a very close second. The sound works like clockwork but the theme music is a bit on the ropey side but thankfully this stays put during the actual game. Another job well done by Ocean, who would keep this run up for about a year producing top quality games. Operation Wolf is welcomed with open arms and nobodys CPC collection should be without this one. Highly recommended.

One to go down in Amstrad history as one of the all time greatest arcade conversions.


Graphics that do the Arnold justice.
Above average sound but disappointing music.
It will be a while before you finish this one.
And an even longer while before you get tired of it.

NVG Downloads
Title Type Language Title Screen Cheatmode Problems Upld Date Comments Launch Command
OPERATION WOLF Arcade game English Yes Yes 128K only 16/05/1997 ?
OPERATION WOLF (LIGHTGUN) Arcade game English No No No 30/01/2002 Requires an emulator that emulates the Magnum lightgun
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