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Ninja Warriors (The)
Ninja Warriors (The)
Programmer Nigel Brown
Graphics Uncredited
SFX/Music Tiny Williams
© 1989 Sales Curve Ltd, 1989 Taito Corporation
Advert Scans English
Reviewed by : Shaun Neary Reviewed on : 2002-01-04

Taito released this one into the arcades in February 1989 with the attempt to overwhelm the arcade punters, and it did that pretty well. It took three screens to enhance this horizontally scrolling beat em up. You see, most others failed to top double dragon (including Double Dragon II), and there was very little to compete. So adding three screens and a two player option and Taito bring out The Ninja Warriors. Mere months later and Virgin made their comeback to the games front by signing up a good number of arcade conversions. This was one of the first from the batch.

Ninja Warriors (The)
Entering the action, ready for a fight
Ninja Warriors (The)

Oops, I think I spoke too soon!

You and a friend can take one male and one female robotic ninja and sent them both off wandering through the streets riddled with crime, your opponents all are robotic as well so it makes everything evened out. There are enough moves to get one going, although finding them can be a little bit of a challenge! You're armed with 30 sheuriken which really should be saved until the end of the level because once you get to the end of each level, the opponents are tough, in fact you'll be lucky that you can get far without the sheuriken! It's not just ninja's that will get in your face at the end of each level. The second level ends with a tank awaiting! Passed out yet?

But of course, the rot will set in conversions like this. The Arcade version, as pointed out earlier had three screens, so in order to replicate this, the screen is shrunk into a narrow screen, which in my opinion, was a very bad idea. The characters are very roughly drawn, and move a little on the slow side. Sound isn't anything to brag about. The theme tune was nice enough but once you select your number of players and your controls, you don't hear it anymore. To make matters worse, if you wanted to switch controls or players, you have to reload the game. Not exactly what one feels like doing at any point!

Ninja Warriors (The)
Our hero is destroyed by end of level ninja.

As a conversion, it's very disappointing. There is very little lifespan to the game at all and it's probably over difficult as it is, being given one life which is represented in a bar of energy isn't such a bad thing but you'll find all but a portion of the bar is left. I thought this could have been me being crud at the game but after two hours of playing on that one level before I finished it by the skin of my teeth. In saying that, thought it can be playable for diehard fans of the original arcade but there really is nothing special. The arcades three screens made it stood out, but as far as the CPC version is concerned, it's nothing we haven't seen before.

Rough Graphics, unimpressive sound.
Annoying having to reload just to switch controls.
Only One Life!
Loses it's appeal very quickly, except for diehards.

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