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Programmer Chris Wood
Graphics Chris Wood
SFX/Music Dave Rogers
© Hewson 1988
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Reviewed by : Shaun Neary Reviewed on : 2001-11-05

Neary is on a roll this weekend and I need something decent to review after the disappointment of The New Zealand tradegy….erm, I mean Story. The trick to keep sane whilst reviewing is to avoid doing arcade and movie conversions in a row and go for the occasional original idea. And when it comes to original games there was nobody better to point the finger at than Hewson. The people responsible for the most original games ideas as well as introducing Raff Cecco to the CPC scene. Nebulus never really took off really and I never really understood why. A lot of games that were churned out by Hewson were criticised for being difficult which I never really agreed. I was one for a challenge so a little difficulty was alright with me.

Arriving by Sub

Ok, Now I'm getting frightened!

Nebulus is an arcade/puzzle game which involves knocking down towers and the only way this done is to reach the top of the top. Sounds like a sledgehammer of a plot but I try not to judge so quickly. Besides, It's not so easy to make it to the top. Marbles, ball barings and flying eyes do not make tower destruction an easy task. An easy task is something that doesn't really exist in the game. The first level offers what a lot of games fail to do. A realistic idea on the games difficulty. Some might have a hard time coping with this but generally things shouldn't be too bad. Jumping gaps can be a little problematic when it comes to getting the timing right. A few practices sort this out.

The first thing you will notice from the loading screen on are the visuals. The scrolling is quite impressive to say the least. All the characters look great and move fast. There are quite a few levels in the game which made it more pleasurable when you make the discovery that the game isn't a boring multiloader! It's one of those games you would load up to impress others, knowing full well that it would not fail. Sound too, gets a big thumbs up on this side. The soundtrack is very impressive on the digital side, which isn't bad considering its time. The effects work well while the soundtrack continues to play in the background. Instant appeal comes from this one straight from the box. Looks well, sounds well, plays well, no akward controls. Perfect, right? Unfortunately this joins the Hewson pile of 'Games that were too tough' as far as the majority of CPC gamers were concerned.As much as this goes down as one of my personal favorites, flaws are flaws and as far as I'm concerned, that's the only one that Nebulus has.

Seeing Red, Don't fall into Red Sea!

This really is a shame because if majority see this as a game that’s too hard then it instantly loses its staying power as they won't bother with it. Beyond the ice palace was a classic example of this. However the flipside to this will give those who love a challenge something to jump for joy over. Regardless, this game deserves at least a fair trial as it's probably one of the best games of it's kind. And for 1988, it was well received thanks to the likes of Probe and Tiertex making a complete pigs ear of things. But definitely worth the look, even if it's just to give it the once over. Personally, I was hooked and I'm almost positive that Nebulus will get it's hooks in you as well, even if you do pull all your hair out in the process.

Visually pleasing.
Same can be said for the sound.
A Challenge to be had if anything else.
Too difficult?

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