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Live & Let Die
Live & Let Die
Programmer Andy Williams
Graphics Pete Tattersal
SFX/Music Mark Cooksey
© Eon Productions Ltd, Glidrose Publications Ltd.
Reviewed by : Shaun Neary Reviewed on : 2001-11-18

I got a bit worried when I loaded this one up at first to be honest, the last Bond game I loaded up was A View To A Kill and it was complete and utter tripe. Thankfully I haven't been asked to review it (yet) but then, I thought the same about Psycho Pigs UXB! Another movie conversion and the final of our Story So Far volume 2 reviews. Basically this is the game that will determine if the compilation is a complete and total washout. We have 2/4 so far with Space Harrier and Beyond The Ice Palace saving it. Live and Let Die taken from the Bond Licence originally released in November 1988 just in time for Christmas that year, was this a rush job or do we have something to credit here. Neary impersonates Roger Moore and takes the test run.

Live & Let Die
North Pole: Bouncing logs to avoid attack
Live & Let Die

Sahara Desert mission: avoiding bombing

Object of this one really is typical Bond. The enemy is in the air up to all sorts of mischief but Bondy only has his speedboat but somehow has to find a way of destroying him from down there. Ladies and Gentlemen, Mark Haigh Hutchinson should have taken a peek at the code here, although as far as I recall, they were released around the same period. But the gameplay is almost similar, 3d scrolling shoot em up except replace the car with a speedboat and away you go. It's a case of racing around collecting extra petrol, and it's needed. Avoiding the rocks, using logs to jump over obsticles (also using them to help you defeat the end of the level as well. A very nice feature is the fact that you can start on three different levels as well, so if you're stuck on one, You can try a different one and come back to that one later.

Loading time takes about 8-10 minutes on a cassette, and as usual, a matter of seconds on a disk. Worth the wait though. Sound isn't too bad but again, no in-game music but to be honest, I'd prefer it that way, the tune would distract me in the game. Sound effects are well done out too with loud explosions and clashing effects with the likes of logs to set you up in the air. Graphically it looks nice enough, if not Buggy Boy-esque. But the difference here is that they actually move well. The level selection screen is always welcome and breaks tradition for this kind of game. It also adds a lot more staying power to the game. Everyone involved in this project did a top notch job if you ask me, but once the game is finished, it's finished for good, but it will take a while to finish it first.

Live & Let Die
Missed Fuel bucket, Low fuel, and a nasty bend

A rare occourance though for me as I don't really have a lot bad to say about this game, It wouldn't go on my top ten games list of all time, but it wouldn't have missed it by a long shot either. The beauty of this game is that despite the fact that it's a Bond licence, you could call this Superboat Simulator or something cheesy and nobody could tell the difference as there is precious little reference to 007 himself except for the loading screen. The question is on if it would sell otherwise. Gives one some food for thought, but it does push the CPC, just not quite to its limit. It still works well though so I'd recommend to give it a shot at least once, it will leave you hooked for a little bit at least.


Clean, smooth scroling graphics.
Nice spot effects and decent music.
Addiction could be there for some.
More tracks could have been added?

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