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Last Duel
Last Duel
Programmer Uncredited
Graphics Uncredited
SFX/Music Uncredited
© 1988 Capcom Ltd, 1988 US Gold.
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Reviewed by : Shaun Neary Reviewed on : 2001-12-04

Yet another US Gold licenced from Capcom, I don't know if I should prepare for disaster yet. I mean so far Bionic Commando and 1943 were complete and total massacres, but we have Strider to compensate for this so maybe Last Duel will even up the score just a little bit. Now I don't recall this one hitting the arcades in Ireland so I don't have a lot to compare it with. Dubbed "inter planet war 2012" Set in the future, This CPC conversion lands on my desk waiting to be evaluated. Pop it into the disk drive and let's see what US Gold have to offer us this time around.

Last Duel
Take out the turret before it takes you out.
Last Duel

Ok, fall down a hole or get shot. Decisions!

It's a two player vertically scrolling shooter, very similar to the likes of Flying Shark, Xevious and Image Fight (never got released on home PCs, it was done by the same team who did R-Type and probably would have gone down well on 8 bits). Vertically scrolling shooters haven't gone down well on the CPC, so will this one turn the tide. Well it's got enough powerups to warrant it, It's got speed (although play this one too fast and you'll end up whacking into something or the side scenery. It's got interesting end of level enemies but is all this enough to make it stick?

Well it's a Tiertex converstion, and not for me to tar all with the same brush but unfortunately this is true for Last Duel. Loading isn't so bad once you turn the disk around. Basic screen with the options to change the number of players and to start the game. No keyboard option which leaves a lot of CPC users out (thanks to the lack of two joystick ports on 3/4 of Amstrads). Game starts and it's a speccy port, not the worst of all but the colours could have been picked a bit better. The game has speed to it to enhance gameplay but thats it! Sound is pretty minimal within the game. The effects in the game barely make the grade, whole the theme music is best avoided.

Last Duel
Get the feeling you're slightly outnumbered?

The thing here is that it isn't so much a bad game, but it's not particularly a good one either. It's a case of been there and done that etc. It moves well but that's pretty much all it does. Tiertex have milked US Gold for everything they could get during the Capcom deal and it's already starting to show. This was amongst the second batch of releases and it was a severe let down. It's nothing that Xenon, Xevious or even every second level of Salamander had shown us before. The plot was old and at this rate, it was a case of laying it to rest. Improved sound and more colour could have made this a bit better, but as far as playing it is concerned, I don't think anything could save it.


Poor sound, and to add insult to injury, a speccy port...
... which surprisingly moves well and makes it playable.
Could have been easily done better given another month.
Seen it all before.

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