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Jet Set Willy
Jet Set Willy
Programmer D P Rowson
S Wetherill
Graphics Uncredited
SFX/Music Uncredited
© 1985 Software Projects
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Jet Set Willy
Reviewed by : Shaun Neary & Kev Thacker Reviewed on : 2001-12-02

This is not a new review. It is a revamped review from the Kev and Spike archives. Original review date is 27/11/1995

Miner Willy needs your help! He has been exploring mines since he was Knee high to a grashopper. But he went to the well (Shouldn't that be mine?) one too many times,didn't he?,and now he is stuck in caverns that he doesn't know his way round. Yes ladies and gentlemen, you are the ones that have to guide this poor, unfortunate soul out of the caverns and back to safety. I would like to inform the people out there that this is the first game that I ever played back in 1986 and guess what? I still cannot finish it! Now for the review. Sit comfortably, then I'll begin with it.

Jet Set Willy
The joys of married life, eh?
Jet Set Willy

The Mrs sent u to church, taking a shortcut.

Willy has to make his way out of each cavern from start to finish, and there is only one way out. This aint as easy as it sounds. All sorts of nasty beings are waiting in the wings ready to attack him. These guys are so tough, they're indestructable (which explains a lot really!), and so therefore they must be avoided. You must avoid such fearsome beasts such as toilets!!(I suppose all those years of shitting in these things, they must get their revenge sometime!) Try making a film out of that one, eh? "Attack of the killer toilets part 3" You must collect certain items in order to get the hell out of the haunted caverns (They might be haunted, who knows?) Keys and other vital flashing items are required to exit, or is that Manic Miner (A game that will probably never get reviewed, basically because of the fact that the two games are identical(Jet set willy and Manic Miner)

Regardless if you're stuck with either the tape version of this classic, you won't be too long with regards to the loading time. Matter of minutes for the tape version, but this then later shows as the graphics look like they date back to the stone age! Very basic sprites and platforms. The sound too is pretty bogey with In the hall of the mountain king playing in the background (You know, the tune that was used on the ads like Alton towers and Yoplait!) When you actually play the game though,you never seem to notice all this. Please bear in mind that the game is over ten years old!

Jet Set Willy
I knew there was a reason why i avoided church!

Pure addiction! this game will make the joystick stick to your palm and you will play, play, play this one until the cows come home (I don't know when that is so please don't ask! My girlfriend is from the countryside and she doesn't know either!) A true classic that shouldn't be missed in anybodys collection. It's not very often that a game that shows its age as much as a sore thumb and can still hold it's charm. To this day people emulate and make java based versions of this one, and it comes as no great surprise.

Stoneaged Graphics.
The in-game tune will drive you insane!
Game is still popular on the internet 15 years later.
It's addiction never left the game from the start!

Kev's comment:

Yehar! 1985 gaming at it's best... get that simple tune, and simple gfx, and those damn hard puzzles... just a little more onto the platform, oops, been hit, and then comes the famous foot from the sky to squash you to a pulp. If you havent played this, you havent lived.

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