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Ikari Warriors
Ikari Warriors
Programmer David Shea
Graphics David Shea
SFX/Music Uncredited
© 1986 SNK Corporation, 1987 Elite Systems Ltd
CPC Zone Cover Scans Ikari Warriors
Ikari Warriors
STSound Enabled
Reviewed by : Shaun Neary Reviewed on : 2001-12-05

This one hit the jackpot on the coin-op scene in early 1986. And this is the game that gave SNK their reputation of two player vertical shoot em ups which had the rotating joysticks for the firing. Victory Road and Guerilla War would follow suit but this was the baby that kickstart the lot. Ikari Warriors. Elite had gotten a good few arcade licences this year, Paperboy, Buggy Boy and Space Harrier were part of this bunch. Paperboy and Space Harrier turned out to be classics while Buggy Boy was lacking that something needed. So how will Ikari do? Neary dusts down the tape deck and waits.

Ikari Warriors
Under siege, grab the powerups!
Ikari Warriors

Tank action!

As afore mentioned, this is a vertically scrolling shoot em up and it faithfully concerted its two player option over to the CPC, so grab a mate, flip the coin and decide who gets stung using the keyboard. It's a game where it's not divided into levels. It's one long level until you can get to the finish and getting there is not going to be an easy task. Tanks, gun turrets, bunkers and swarms of troops are on your tail to make sure that you don't get the job done. Power ups such as stronger fire, extra grenades, and fuel for tanks that you can jump into and cruise around in and do some heavy damage. There's a lot to do in this one ladies and gents. So what's the catch?

That's the beauty part. There is none! It all works perfectly. A perfect Arcade conversion one would say. Graphics might show their age but they're still pretty much up to scratch by todays standards. Sound is good, nothing too impressive but nothing so dire that you'll need knock the volume knob down. Loading can take a small bit of time thanks to the Elite way of loading in blocks, but it's worth the time. Especially if you're playing two player where a lot of fun is to be had, especially if one threatens the others life unless he gets the tank first! (No, I'd never use that tactic!!). Game has that extra something to bring you back for more, as it's not likely you're going to complete this in your first week anyway.

Ikari Warriors
Our hero takes a grenade in the head.

So overall, we're talking a classic game here folks. I can't think of anything bad to say about this one, It gets a recommendation from us here at TACGR and if you've never played it, then it's safe to say you haven't lived. It's not very often we see a faithful arcade conversion. In this sense then Ikari is welcome. This is one to keep you glued to the CPC for a while. The arcade was excellent, and this conversion can stand side by side and easily compliment it. When it comes to CPC games, this one is a must, to watch and to play. Enough said.

Nice to see the CPC use it's graphics potential.
Nice explosion effects, tank gets annoying though.
You won't be leaving the CPC for a while with this.
Strong looks, addictive gameplay, and the lasting effect.

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