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Fantasy World Dizzy (Dizzy 3)
Fantasy World Dizzy (Dizzy 3)
Programmer Andrew Oliver
Philip Oliver
Graphics Neil Adamson
SFX/Music David Whittaker
© 1989 Codemasters
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Reviewed by : Shaun Neary Reviewed on : 2002-01-06

1989: The Berlin Wall came tumbling down, BROS released another shit album, Band Aid II tortured us and another Dizzy game is born. The Oliver Twins had big boots to fill as far as our eggheaded hero was concerned, a sequel the previous year would have been enough so how were they going to get away with a third one so soon. Well I guess the Superman movies managed it so Codies thought they'd try with Dizzy III. Unlike his previous escapades, this one adds a few new features. Dizzy is Back on native soil and has also dragged a few of his mates with him, the Yolkfolk. So we prepare ourselves for another platform adventure with egghead and co. Dizzy II left a very bad taste in a lot of people's mouths with having only the one life. Codies wasn't prepared to take that risk and give us a better chance with three lives. But at the end of the day, does Dizzys adventures in Fantasy World redeem the egg or is it another episode in the money making machine? The tape finishes loading. Here goes...

Fantasy World Dizzy (Dizzy 3)
Avoiding the 'gator, wise move!
Fantasy World Dizzy (Dizzy 3)

Denzil's too cool to want to help.

Well you've a new mission to undertake this time around. Daisy, your main squeeze has gotten herself lost while messing around in the castle ramparts. As a result of this, she's been taken prisoner in the cloud castle and you've been thrown into the dungeon. So you have to rescue your fair egg shaped maiden using your brain to solve the teasers that are thrown at you. And if all that wasn't enough, you also have to search for and collect 30 gold coins so that you and the better half can shack up and live happily ever after etc etc... As usual, you are not on your own. Well not this time anyway. You have the assistance of the Yolkfolk. Denzel the dude, Dozy - Mr Sleepy, Dylan the hippy and the older but not always wiser, Grandizzy. Each have their words of wisdom to offer while you have ho overcome dungeons, dragons, dicing with death and not to mention the dodgiest of dodgy shopkeepers!

Loading this one isn't too painful at all. Even from tape. It's a matter of minutes before the adventure begins. Graphics, again are drawn out in four colour mode and look just as great as the other two. Your character moves at just the right pace for this sort of game. Sound gets the thumbs down in this case though as the in game tune tends to slow down in places, most notibly when you're switching screens and this becomes a major irritation after time. But with all that, it's still one hell of a playable adventure. And it's the extra something that is interaction with the Yolkfolk and the other characters in the game that makes this one so different and special from the previous sequel. It's also a lot bigger than the first two Dizzy games, giving a lot of game to play and it's one that you'll find very difficult to put down until the game is finished. And even the hardest of games players are guaranteed a decent challenge out of Fantasy World Dizzy.

Fantasy World Dizzy (Dizzy 3)
The drawbacks of being an egg.

The Oliver twins came up trumps with Fantasy World Dizzy, It's safe to say. It's not very often that we get a sequel that stays faithful to the original but this happens to be the third in the series and it's still retaining it's charm and other elements that it was noted for in the original. Combine this with the fact that there is just so much to do, It's plain to see that Codemasters, alongside the Oliver twins have realised that they are on to a winning formula and they have managed to stick with it and even managed to improve it. Fantasy World Dizzy should be welcome in any CPC gamers collection just as it is in my own. Even the mapping community will have their work cut out for them thanks to the layout of Fantasy World Dizzy being so large. In a nutshell, Dizzy III offers something to cater for every type of games player. You want puzzles to tax your brainpower? You want some heavy duty arcade platform gaming? Then look no further.

Fast moving and clear graphics.
Ropey music.
Addictive, Like the first two.
So much to do... Where to start?

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