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CPC Zone Cover Scans 1943
Reviewed by : Shaun Neary & Kev Thacker Reviewed on : 2001-12-11

This is not a new review. It is a revamped review from the Kev and Spike archives. Original review date is 1/12/1995

Ah,yes. Remember second year of secondary school, Boring history classes in which you probably never listened to what the teacher as waffling about, and the only reason you attended them is so you could either stare at the babe of a teacher that you might have had or to get your homework early. For those of you who actually listened to what he/she was saying, you would know that the battle of Midway occoured just before 1943, the Middle of World war 2. Now thanks to Go! (a subdivision of US Gold), you have your chance to strap yourself into the cockpit and fly into the sunset, the napalm, the hundreds of enemy planes that are out after your head!

Attacking enemy fleet

Until they send the big boys in.

Set in the battle of Midway, you must survive through the toughest, most dangerous test of skill and response. How well can you handle been shot at from 45000 feet in the air? You must shoot your way through each level and defeat the usual end of level fleet. Usually this is a giant plane or a fleet of ships that fire bullets in every direction there is! Still think you are up to it? Fine then!, Go for your life! Help is at hend though, If you blow a few planes in a row, you stand a chance of getting a special power capsule. These can be collected to gain more fuel or they can be shot to gain extra weapons. These can do real damage if they are used correctly. Weapons like super shells, 3 way shots,a utofire and some drone planes to help you struggle through to survival. These are needed badly (especially if you get to the plane that is around a hundred times bigger and more powerful than yours!).

So how does it make out? Well It's programmed pretty well (considering it was coded by Probe, the programmers of that amazingly playable game Outrun...YEAH RIGHT!) The Graphics are well defined and are pleasent to look at. Sonic wise, 1943 scores well too. Nice exploding effects that matches a well coded tune. So far everything looks good, Right? Right! It plays well the levels are packed full of enemies, so you think everythings well, until you realise, after five minutes of playing, when you get on to the third stage you realise that it is level one again! Ok,you think, maybe it's a one off, so you keep playing. Until you find out in horror that level four is, you guessed it!,level two!

And they just get bigger too!

Well it seems, yet again that Probe have put all their efforts into the graphics into a game and forgot to add playability to it! I hate when this happens! You would think that the people that would program the games would hang around five minutes longer to playtest the games. This is typical of Probe, It reminds me of Dragons Lair for the Amiga. It works well as far as graphics and sound are concerned, but if it's too easy, then whats the point in playing the thing? You might as well watch a cartoon instead. A big thumbs down.

Nice well drawn sprites.
Good in game tune, spot effects work well.
Very well presented...
... until the repetition sets in.

Kev's comment:

Apparently 1943 in the arcades was great had loads of levels, and probably some bonus levels lots to shoot and more. And when I played this the levels kept repeating, and it was boring. Nice graphics, nice music... ooops gameplay has just jumped out of the window.

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