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After The War
After The War
Programmer Enrique Cervera
Enrique Cervera
SFX/Music Uncredited
© Dinamic 1989
STSound Enabled
Reviewed by : Shaun Neary Reviewed on : 2001-12-04

This is not a new review. It is a revamped review from the Kev and Spike archives. Original review date is 5/12/1995

Boom, bang. These are the sounds that you'll hear from the streets of New York city in this outing from Dinamic. Anybody miss Final fight for the CPC? Well who needs that piece of shit for a game when After The War came out long before Final Fight did in the arcades! Yep, punch, kick and jump your way through the ghettos of New York and strive to survive. Dinamic have produced some fine games in the past. Westbank, Army Moves, Navy Moves etc and have always managed to bring out the best of the CPC. Will After The War do the same? Read on to find out more of the gory details!

After The War
Schwarzenegger wannabe takes knuckles!
After The War

A failed attempt to move this bad boy.

First of all you will get two games in one if you get After The War (and just about every Dinamic game thats still available!). You play the part of the superhero, who has a very bad reaction to radiation. We're talking about New York in the future. The time is ticking. You must reach Mr. Big and beat the crap out of him, before he gets a chance to press the button and drop the bomb. But as usual, with all beat em ups, you have to reach this moron by defeating a number of bosses. "I can do that!",I hear you mention? Ok,but i forgot to mention that the bosses are twice your size!

Starting in the streets, you must travel through the slums of New York after the place has been bombed. Remains of the statue of Liberty can be seen in the distance. Bodybuilders come from left and right trying to beat you into a pulp. These guys will also throw sticks of Dynamite from windows to make sure that they blow you to atoms. Punks from Manhattan also pitch in, just because they feel like a good fight at that point in time. These guys aren't pussys, they will make sure that they will do you in at all costs. The Main bosses are awesome. All they have to do is give you one head butt and you will be down as quick as you could say Jack Robinson. There are three of these guards (Triplets perhaps?) and each of these bosses have a differant style of fighting and defending. Try the third boss if you need an example.

After The War
Johnny get ya gun, the action begins!

If you defeat him, you will head underground to the tube station. Level two will need to be accessed with a password that is given to you at the end of level one. This level places you in an underground station with Golden androids, Kangaroo destroyers and all sorts or robotic beings. If you are a trigger happy madman, then you will love this. You are armed with a huge gun and an unlimited supply of bullets. So now you can go ape with the M16 and blast everything in sight. You'll need this gun because the enemy spring from everywhere. You have a lot to contend with!

Well the game has a lot of stuff to do, as you may have read,but what is the overall verdict? Tape users can jump for joy as multiloading is to a minimum! Graphically, It's great! The Sprites are pixel perfect, although they can be a little bit on the slow side. Sound wise you couldn't wish for more. Especially the explosions on part two. Turn the CPC up loud until your eardrums burst!! Gameplay? There is enough here to keep you going for a long time, you won't be complaining about being bored if you can get your mits on this one. A brilliant game no less.

Superb Graphics, can't fault them!
Nice explosions, as well as the loading theme tune.
Will keep you playing for a long while to come.
Two seperate games, but are they both too tough?

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