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Techno Cop
Techno Cop
Programmer Tony Porter
Gary Priest
Graphics Jon Harrison
Kevin Bulmer
SFX/Music Uncredited
© 1988 Gremlin Graphics Ltd.
Reviewed by : Shaun Neary Reviewed on : 2002-01-04

Well we're back in full swing again now after Christmas and New Year has just passed us all, and the backlog of games to land on my desk to check out has been many so I do a lucky dip and pull out Techno Cop. The whole idea of driving games and bumping criminals off the road or blowing them up was the appealing thing at the time this was released. US Gold got the rights for Road Blasters, Elite released Overland and later on in that year, Ocean got the rights to Chase HQ. Elite were the first to do it the non licenced way and this was Gremlin's attempt at it. Again, lumbered with a tape, I load it up and get ready to give the lowdown.

Techno Cop
In hot pursuit of the crims
Techno Cop

Inside, avoiding floor cracks

The DOA Crime underworld empire have gotten the upper hand on this one, and you were the one drafted in to take care of it's dodgy business. You're given a James Bond style wristband to give you all the gory details about the job, and the VMAX, Your funky car loaded to the hilt with speed to break the sound barrier. So with all this under your belt, there is nothing that can go wrong. It's a two parter with one half of the game based on getting to your location in the VMAX, and the other half inside the compound hunting down the crims. Power ups are available on the way such as nukes, nitros and ram barriers to help you reach your destination with ease. Once you get there, it's a case of taking your suspect in dead, or alive according to instruction. Getting there is also another issue, with other enemies and floor cracks getting in the way, all in a days work.

Gremlin have given us a lot to go on as far as the actual game is concerned, but does it fit the mould that they created for it? Loading time for the main sequence could be worse, but it's multiload can be annoying. Graphics are decent enough considering that half of it is done in Mode 0. The sensitivity is very responsive so driving it shouldn't be a problem, while the second part of it is drawn in four colour mode and is fast for it's arcade style of game. Sound too gets a thumbs up, especially for its explosions. Theme music can get annoying but you only hear that the once as well. Playing it is something that will keep palm to joystick for some time as you're looking at two different styles of games rolled into one box.

Techno Cop
Back on the road again, a cops life.

This was a good comeback for Gremlin after producing a fair bit of garbage the previous year, giving us a lot of stuff in this one to keep us going for quite a while. A hard driving Chase HQish style game with a better polished mission impossible style second half is a perfect mix for the one game. Progressive difficulty which starts to show after the second mission so you won't be lacking in the challenge department. Gremlin are onto a winner with Technocop, although it doesn't beat Chase HQ, it hammers Overlander and generally puts it up there in the higher ranks and is definately worth playing.

Graphically Pleasing
Nice effects, Irritating tune.
Two games rolled into one, nothing to complain about.
And there's actually playability in both of them!

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