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Rastan Saga
Rastan Saga
© 1987 Taito Corporation, 1988 Imagine Software
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Reviewed by : Shaun Neary Reviewed on : 2001-11-26

Another Ocean/Taito arcade conversion hit my desk today, which was getting a bit much at this rate after already getting Operation Wolf and Chase HQ over with. But after last weekends Elite overdose with 'the story (that we thought would never end) so far-vol 2', I thought one more wouldn't hurt. Rastan hit the arcade scene in 1987 and it got a 50-50 mixed reaction. One half lapped it up while the other half were standing there wondering what the point was. A sideways scrolling beat em up set in medieval times in a fantasy world? Well it maintained enough interest to warrant a sequel two years later as well as a home computer version. The CPC464 gets put to the test so let's see if Rastan is up to the mark.

Rastan Saga
Approaching end of level.
Rastan Saga

Inside the castle: Group attack

Your character is pretty much based on Conan the destroyer in this one. As afore mentioned, this one is set in medieval times. A demon has possessed your native land and you're the only one man enough to go out there and do something about it. A plot just about good enough to make a Pokemon episode today. But to our hero's eternal credit, it takes a hell of a man to parade into battle in his underwear! You're given a sword but you'll get the option of upgrading this to an axe, a mace, or a flaming sword. Levels are split into three. The road to the castle, inside the castle and the dungeon, to face the bad guy. Big enough game when described but does it live up to its expectations? Sadly, no. It doesn't.

Letís open up this carcass and see what ruined this conversion. Starting with the loading. It's a nightmare of a multiload because of the games size. Even disk users could end up not being bothered with this one. The graphics are not the greatest for this one at all. For the first part of the level they're almost acceptable but go on a rapid downhill slope from there. The lack of speed in the game doesn't help matters much in the least. One is lucky if they can make out what they're fighting at the end of level, because the graphics are so poor. Sound too, is poor. The music on the title screen is bearable but nothing in the game itself. Effects are nothing to be proud of either. And because the game moves so slowly, there is about as much interest to be held as a copy of Des O'Connors greatest hits.

Rastan Saga
Rastan slips off the rope.

It's not even a case of the lack of the CPC's capabilities to produce Rastan. Renegade and Gryzor are equally large, both converted by Ocean/Imagine and both very playable. This one was rushed, and there's no doubt in my mind about this. The arcade version had precious little going for it either and its sequel actually bombed rather badly. As a result of this, I'll give Imagine some mercy by not throwing all of the blame entirely on their heads. But the CPC is capable of so much better than this. Even fans of the arcade won't stick this one out for very long. And finally it took a further 10 months for this to hit the consoles and it left no lasting impression on those either.

At the end of the day, I don't think anything could have saved this one.


A graphics tragedy.
Poor sound effects backed up by annoying music.
Needs to be played on valium to be enjoyed....
.... And even that's not guaranteed.

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