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Psycho Soldier
Psycho Soldier
Programmer Steve F Donbavand
Graphics Steve F Donbavand
SFX/Music Steve F Donbavand
© 1987 SNK Corporation of America, 1988 Imagine Software
Reviewed by : Shaun Neary Reviewed on : 2001-11-21

Another Arcade Conversion wings its way to The Haven in Dublin, Released by SNK, the ones who brought the likes of Ikari Warriors and Victory Road to the coin-op scene. Imagine, who were practically on their last legs as an independant software house before the Ocean merger bought the rights to the licence. Released a year later by Steve Donbavand, who was a one man gang for the game doing everything that had to be done for the game. Not a lot of people have this as a claim so either he was a masochist or else he lost a bet made in the bar the previous Friday night. So can a quality game be produced by one man alone? Or is this a disaster from the word go? Read on.

Psycho Soldier
So, Do you come here often?
Psycho Soldier

End of level building destruction

Psycho Soldier puts you in the shoes of a girl with a grudge. The City has been taken hostage by an alien lifeform and only one has the guts to stand up to the lot of them. The plot thickens! (as the sledgehammer approaches!) Armed with a lazer and as much wits about you as you're going to get. You set out to rid of the aliens. Powerups are scattered around blocks which can be shot at. Booby traps are planted around the place to sap you of every bit of strength before one of the droids decides it's time for you to bite the big one. If you're lucky enough you'll get a power up to transform you into wonder woman for a few seconds to rocket through the level, but this is scarce enough so don't hold your breath. The usual end of level meanie is there waiting for you. Pretty basic stuff.

Thankfully I was using the disk version of this, but judging from the sequence, it's a multiloader for all the tape users out there. Loading screen is pretty enough. Done by the same guy who would do the Vindicator and DragonNinja screens later on that year. Once the game is loaded, it's another kettle of fish altogether. The controls are either the joystick or a ridiculous set of undefinable keys. Q,A,R,T and C for the fire button. One would understand this if there was a 2 player option in the game but there isn't. We're graced with a really bad title tune, some of which plays into the game but thankfully it stops after a while. Sounds are crashy and annoying in the extreme. Volume knob down for this one folks.

Psycho Soldier
Our hero plays 'dodge the bullet'

SNK had given a couple of licences away to Imagine in their last days. Victory Road was another one, it was the sequel to Ikari Warriors and it bombed in both the arcades as well as the CPC (it was released unknown to the programmer as stated in Davids interview, at full price, then compiled and then budgeted.) Sadly, Psycho Soldier didn't go over very well on the coin-op scene, one would think because of this it was a bad idea to release it onto the home micro. It couldn't even play well on the CPC thanks to the sprites sluggish movements. I ended up resetting the CPC during level 2 because of it! Double Dragon fares well compared to this. But it was a gallant attempt for one who tried the code, graphics and sound.

They say too many cooks spoil the broth, in this case it was lack of them, and with added support, it could have saved this one, but again, the arcade version bombed. So this conversion was doomed before it began unfortunately. Nice try though.THE BOTTOM LINE:
Graphics are messy. Sprites are walking through treacle
Volume knob down, Soundgarden CD up!...
..sorry, did I say Soundgarden?, Better make it Celine Dion to match the pace.
Interest cannot be maintained.

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PSYCHO SOLDIER Arcade game English Yes Yes No 14/03/1997 Press any key on the title screen to load the game
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Psycho Soldier Imagine English Tape

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