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Buggy Boy
Buggy Boy
Programmer Andy Williams
Graphics Pete Tattersal
SFX/Music Uncredited
© 1987 - Taito/Tatsumi Corporation, 1987 - Elite Systems Ltd.
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Reviewed by : Shaun Neary & Kevin Thacker Reviewed on : 2001-11-21

This is not a new review. It is revamped from the Kev and Spike archives. Original review date: 13/12/1995

An old one, this is! Remember the days when the likes of Outrun and Double Dragon ruled the arcades? If you look in the arcades nowadays you'll find about 13 differant versions of Street fighter 2 and Mortal Kombat 3! But in '87 there was a game out by the name of Buggy Boy. Very shortly afterwards It ended up on the CPC! It sold as well on the CPC as it did in the arcades. (In the arcades it was cool, you sit down in the seat, Outrun style, but there are 3 tv screens to show the whole area. Cool - kev). Here is the opinion on this game. I would also like to mention that this is the last review if 1995. It's been a cool year so far and lets hope that next year is good as this one was!

Buggy Boy
Airborne buggy, dodging the rocks.
Buggy Boy

North pole: Good luck keeping grip!

Placed in an ATV buggy you have to travel five long and hazardous tracks in order to become Buggy Boy. What will you decide to do?, and where will you decide to go? It's up to you. But you must complete the whole five tracks, or bust. The roads are clear (yeah right!) The suspension's ready for ridiculous high jumps, everything's checked! Ready to hit the tracks? Too late, the light's gone green,put pedal to the metal and start rollin'. Strangely enough though, there are no opposing cars, No challengers? Boring! but you have a very strict time limit and (not to mention a very slow buggy!) a lot of track ahead of you to contend with! Everything that you could imagine will be on this track.

Barriers,logs,barbed wire and puddles of crap (I call It crap because I can't make out what the ahem! it is!) all stand in your way. Accidentely crash into any of the above and It could be curtains for the the rest of your race. (Sounds like a typical police chase scenario, "oh shit where did that log come from" etc - Kev) There are bonuses though, Time gates that will give you some extra time at the beginning of the next leg of the race. These are vital in your quest to win this very long and hazardous race. There are six legs to every track and,like I said earlier,they're dangerous! (And they are bloody difficult. I have only completed 5 legs out of 6, and then almost smashed the keyboard in fustration. - Kev)

Buggy Boy
Two wheels? Showoff!

Loading time won't help this one at all, with two loading screens making it load even slower using the block system. Graphically and sound wise. This games about average as you're gonna get. Slightly blocky sprites and MMMMMMMM!, MMMMMM! (mmmm...mattersons? - Kev) for sound to me is not impressive, It's headwrecking! A little bit of music just before you race is all you get. Music?? A three year old could produce better sound farting than what's been handed up here! The game itself probably would be OK, but it's too slow to be playable. Too say the least,the game's pitiful,and should be avoided(for sanitys sake!). (If this game was a Soap on TV it would be Eldorado - Kev)

Graphics are average, for it's time they could be better.
Poor sound, Silence would improve it.
It will keep you playing for a while.
Disappointing conversion due to lack of speed.

Kev's comment:

Um... well the graphics are poor, the sound is shit, but the gameplay is ok. I remember playing this one time and really trying to get as far as possible. Maybe it was the day I decided to play all of my games collection game by game regardless of how shit they were..

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