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Bubble Bobble
Bubble Bobble
Programmer Zero The Hero
Graphics Threl
SFX/Music Tim
© 1987 Taito Corporation, 1987 Firebird Software
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Bubble Bobble
Bubble Bobble
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Reviewed by : Shaun Neary & Kev Thacker Reviewed on : 2001-12-04

This is not a new review. It is a revamped review from the Kev and Spike archives. Original review date is 13/12/1995

In a fantasy land anything can happen, and it usually does! But the most unpredictable thing to happen, is that the female species has lost interest in the male species. Yes!, females are now interested in soft ,fluffy, harmless DRAGONS! Here is your chance to meet Bub and Bob, two of these dragons that have had their girliefriends kidnapped by another weird, out of control being. In case you don't know, this is a conversion of Taitos classic arcade game and Firebird had the honours to convert it to the faithful CPC. Let's lift the lid on this conversion and see what they have to offer us.

Bubble Bobble
Bubbling up the enemy, grab that cake!
Bubble Bobble

Get the letters for that extra life.

You must travel your way through 80 levels of platform action (In a way this is a load of tripe,because in the arcades it had 100!) to seek your true love(s), rescue them, and find true happiness (pass the sick bucket please!) You are not alone out there though. Hundreds and thousands of enemies stalk the world. These were placed by the same weird, out of control being that has kidnapped your beloved women. These include, Boa Boa, Blubba, Bonnie bo, and Baron von Blubba (Who happens to be indestructable) makes his appearance if you take too long to complete a stage. So how the hell are you supposed to succeed in your quest then? Well you are a non violent little dragon and you refuse to resort to using guns and knives.

So, you find an alternative. Bubbles! You must blow bubbles, trap the enemy in these bubbles and burst them in order to send them back to where they came from in the first place! And you are supposed to survive throughout 80 levels using this method?! Apparently It's effective. (Works well enough for me too - Kev) Power ups show up after a period of time. These will arrive in the form of Bubble ups, to increase the speed rate, or distance of bubbles, speed ups, crosses to totally wipe out the enemy all at once,and bubbles with letters on them. These letters, once collected will spell E X T E N D. Get these and you will receive an extra life.

Bubble Bobble
Glutton! All you can eat bonus round.

So does it come up to scratch then? Well the graphics could be a hell of a lot better, but then again, they could be a hell of a lot worse too. The same applies for the sound. Whoooo, Whooo, SNAP! (sounds like the noise of the disk as it hits the wall after I have played this game for a while - Kev). That more or less sums it up. But let's get to what really counts (in my opinion), the gameplay. Well It's pretty good It's a pretty big game, when all is said and done. You could be ages before you get to the end, and in which case,you may not finish it then either! So I suppose you are left with something after you take away the graphics and sound.

A game may have excellent graphics and sound, but the overall game might be a pile of shit! The same applies for all computers. For example,the Amiga (Finally,a way to get Kev back for the sly remarks he made about me in the Barbarian review!) Has anybody ever played Dragons Lair on the Amiga? The Graphics and sound rule! It's just like watching a cartoon, but when you play the actual game Itself, you realise that it's still like watching a cartoon! Titus are famous for this, look at Knight Force. Remember, just because a game looks crap, It don't mean It plays crap and here is your evidence.

(*laughs*, How do you complete Dragons lair? Press left twice, up once, then down. Well done, game finished. And Knight Force, well I saw it in the magazine and was well impressed, so I was looking for it for ages, and then I saw it for a tenner and bought it, ran home, shoved the disk into the CPC drive and booted it up. Nice graphics cool, um.. Where's the gameplay? Even after looking inside the disc casing and the instructions I couldn’t find the missing gameplay. I was gutted. Now that shows me that buying a game for it's look is not the best thing to do -Kev)

(Spike, if you can find an Amiga play Lemmings or Vroom. They are cool. Wouldn't mind hearing your views on those - Kev)

Disappointing graphics.
Precious little in the way of sound.
Game has something going for it. Addictive appeal…
…provided you don't get stung with a bug midway through the game.

Kev's comment:

I suppose everyone notice that only the sprites are in 4 colours, and the background is multi-coloured. Pretty poor attempt at graphics really. Then there are the numerous bugs.

1. Nice keyboard clash and joystick collision in two player mode,
2. When you press escape and some other keys the border colour changes, now press some keypad keys and it comes up with a message similar to "loading",
3. The piece of corrupted gfx in the top left is the level indicator, or is that really meant to be a piece of corrupted gfx,
4. So much graphics flicker it is taking the piss,
5. Who coded this game? Some monkeys?

This game is shit. The C64 version is much better and much more playable. It looks like the kind of thing some kid could program. Forget it, unless nostalgia takes the better of you.

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