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Bruce Lee
Bruce Lee
Programmer Ron J Fortimer
SFX/Music Uncredited
© 1984 Datasoft, 1986 U.S Gold
CPC Zone Cover Scans Bruce Lee
Bruce Lee
Reviewed by : Shaun Neary Reviewed on : 2002-01-30

Hard to catogorize this one really, as it's not a film conversion, not an arcade and was endorsed by nobody. Just the name of the undisputed king of the martial arts himself, Bruce Lee. U.S Gold saw the opening in the market for this one and grabbed it instantly. Beat-em-ups are pretty much a favorite when it comes down to the time frame and it was one of the first attempts at a fighting game by U.S Gold. But they didn't want to stick to plain fighting and decided to throw some arcade platform adventure into it. Good intentions, it might sound like but the big question is, will it work. As part of my contribution to ADATE, I dusted off the tape and threw it into the deck and gave it the once over, wondering if it still had the charm it had when it was first released fifteen years ago. Well a lot of time has passed and now that the tape has finished loaded, it's time to give it the TACGR grinding.

Bruce Lee
The face of fear after Yamo knocks you out!
Bruce Lee

But revenge is sweet!

The object of this one is to defeat the wizard as he's taken over the run of the land. This is easier said than done though, as he's about ten times your size, totally overpowers you, leaving you with no chance in hell! He has one weakness: light! So your mission, which you really have no choice but to accept, is to gather as many lanterns as you can in every room you can venture. The wizard hasn't made it a doddle for you though. He's only gone and sent his two best henchmen to stop you dead in your tracks. The speed and agility of the ninja combined with the sheer power of the Green Yamo, sent on the mission from hell, and are guaranteed to keep you on your toes throughout your mission. Climb vines, leap great gaps, punch, kick and dodge your way through while avoiding getting your lights knocked out! Simple enough, right? Blind the wizard and you'll get your hands on riches beyond belief as well as putting the land at peace. It doesn't last long as it has to be done ten times in total!

Graphically, don't expect a Picasso work of art as they're average at best, which for 1986 isn't too bad really but there are better examples of the CPC's capabilities. Sounds in the game are a little on the limited side although the chopping sounds will leave you with a grin on your face for sure. A 30 second oriental style tune plays on the title tune but you'll get tired of it in about another 30 seconds! The games appearance might reveal its age but when you sit down with it and play it, then it doesn't take five minutes to cop that games just aren't made like this one anymore. There's still a fair bit of game to be played in Bruce Lee. It also has another rewarding aspect going for it, Speed. In saying this, on some of the levels throughout the game, mainly the ones that require a lot of jumping around, the game can slow down in places. Aside from this, It's hard to fault the games appeal.

Bruce Lee
Jumping, avoiding death.

However the main drawback is the hard fact that one needs to repeat the whole process ten times before the game is officially completed. And in the eyes of a lot of people, including myself is asking a little much. It probably wouldn't be so bad if the dificulty progressed each time but unfortunately it doesn't which is a real shame as it could have earned itself a few extra brownie points. Needless to say, It will pass a couple of hours (or a couple of days if you decide to attempt to do it the whole ten times! Especially if you manage to find out how to obtain 99 lives without cheating) and is definitely worth a shot. The pace of the game is what gives it the thumbs up. It's just such a pity that there isn't a lot left to keep you coming back for any more. So unfortunately Brucey boy falls by the wayside. It's not so much that it's a bad game because it's anything but. It's fast, it's addictive and even challenging for a bit, it's just too bad that there's no more too it.

Fast paced and instant addiction.
Easy game to get going with.
Average graphics and sound.
No lasting appeal.

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