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Dizzy 1: Ultimate Cartoon Adventure
Dizzy 1: Ultimate Cartoon Adventure
Programmer Philip Oliver
Philip Oliver
Graphics Andrew Oliver
Andrew Oliver
SFX/Music David Whittaker
© 1987 Codemasters
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Reviewed by : Shaun Neary & Kev Thacker Reviewed on : 2001-12-17

This is not a new review. It is a revamped review from the Kev and Spike archives. Original review date is 27/11/1995

I'm in a bit of a bad mood today. So would you be if you had review such crap like Vigilante. So I'm consoling myself by reviewing the following game. Another CPC game that makes an owner proud to have a CPC. One of the games that spawned a series of sequels,and one of the games that corrupted a nation. I'm talking about Dizzy, the famous egg shaped character created in 1987 by the Oliver Twins for Codemasters. The star of the show is Dizzy. The egg that has been chosen to save the land of Khatmandu from destruction, by Zaks, the evil wizard (who bears a slight resemblance to Jeremy Beadle) who has just about everyone in the land under his thumb.

Dizzy 1: Ultimate Cartoon Adventure
In a cave with a mucky gun, oe'er!
Dizzy 1: Ultimate Cartoon Adventure

Now whats that key for?

He must make up a potion made from a leprechan's wig,a clouds silver lining,a vampire dux feather and some troll brew. He must then find the wizard Zaks and smash the bottle in front of him so that he will be destroyed and the land will be back to itself. But like most things in life, This task is not easy. He must solve myriads of puzzles in order to find the wizards castle.But finding the castle is not the only tough thing around. Not a chance!, He must scour the land looking for the ingrediants of the potion.

Vampire bats, Ghosts, Evil birds and spiders are just a few of the creatures that will try to stop you dead in your tracks. These were sent upon the land by Zaks so that nobody could end his rule.Very long and hazardous jumps await you too. Graphically,the game stands out from all budget games,they move well and look like they stepped out of your comic book.A Funky theme tune plays in the background and all that's needed is a steady beat before you could market it and sent it directly to Number 1 (Hey. If whigfield could do it in 1995, then so could anybody!)

Dizzy 1: Ultimate Cartoon Adventure
Entering the crystal caves

What about the game? Well you couldn't complain about it. There is enough to keep anybody going for a very long time. Loading time even for the tape users isn't too long and once you sink your teeth into this one, it's going to be very difficult to let go. The Oliver Twins have done a great job regards to this one, It's one for the joystrick wrist as well as the brain as well, so if you were going to take any advice from me at all this year, then do yourselves a favour, Trust me and put some faith into the egg.

Very well drawn graphics, if only four colours.
Sound is funky, but can get a little tedious.
This is one you will get hooked on.
The original Dizzy, and definitely a must for the collection.

Kev's comment:

Codemasters attempt at a graphical adventure and it goes down well. The graphics arent much (aparently the whole dizzy series took about 1 week each to convert from the spectrum version), but the puzzles are good and it is simple to get to grips with. Personally, this is not the best. The later adventures in the series are better because they have had time to develop the character more and his friends, and develop the puzzles more. I'd prefer to check out another one, but this is still cool.

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