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WWF Wrestlemania
WWF Wrestlemania
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© 1991 Titan Sports, 1991 Ocean Software
Reviewed by : Shaun Neary & Kev Thacker Reviewed on : 2002-02-06

This is not a new review. It is a revamped review from the Kev and Spike archives. Original review date is 9/11/1995

Another Ocean game (and one of the few that they didn't delete) based on the antics of the WWF (and no I'm not going to take the piss out of the TM's) In case anybody who doesn't have a satelite dish (U.K and Ireland) or a half decent cable company, the WWF is the World Wrestling Federation. Do they actually wrestle? It'debatable, but that didn't stop Ocean from trying to cash in on it back in 1991. (I say it is all acting - Kev) You are placed in the squared circle to allegedly tough it out with your opponent, I'll get around to that in a minute.

WWF Wrestlemania
Ladies and gentlemen!! It's time tooo Rumble!
WWF Wrestlemania

The British Bulldog, getting his cloth cleaned.

Before you get to grips with the "warriors of the ring", you must select one of the three opponents that's offered.You can pick either"Hulk Hogan", "Ultimate Warrior" ,or "The British Bulldog". Once you have picked your"Wrestler", can you start to fight? Nope, you have to resort to childish bitching of your opponent. You are given a choice of things to say to your opponent, crap like "Whatcha gonna do when the hulk gets you" spews out of your mouth before you can actually start to play the game! Once you have finished jawing away about who you think you're defeat, you can (eventually) get down to bruising your opponent,

First up: Mr Perfect. The man who claims you couldn't beat. The reality of it all is that. (1) It's all act and (2) the computer is easily defeated (once you get used to the controls without your arm falling off!) Controlling the game is a feat in itself.Basic joystick moves produce kicks,punches, dropkicks, etc. If you get pinned, you must wriggle the joystick to kick out. Also if you want to pull your power move (which is a joke in itself!) must lock in with your opponent (by walking into him!) and wriggle like hell. Pin your opponent for the count of three and Next Opponent please!.

WWF Wrestlemania
Outside action between the Bulldog and Perfect.

Under no circumstances (MAKE SURE YOU READ THIS!!!) should you decide to change your "Wrestler". If you do you will have to wait another ten minutes because you will have to load the whole game again! Stupid or what! On disk this probably wont be as bad (I say probably because I ended up with the tape version so I wouldn't know. And I bought it in 91 and made the mistake of paying 12.50 IR for it!) Unfortunatly, another graphic farce for the CPC and you would want to be a very big fan of the WWF to waste your money on this one (like I did!). And thats the Bottom line, cos Shaun Neary said so! (yeah I know, it's bad, not as bad as the game though!)

Blocky Graphics and poor sound effects.
Once you finish the game, you'll never want to repeat the experience.
Fans would enjoy this one...
... and if they do, then I would recommend professional help!

Kev's comment:
This game is a "bag of wank". How can Ocean really justify this? If I was an 8 year old kid, I would be crying because I had wasted money on something so shit. The animation is laughable, and has about as much lastability as a rotten sandwich. On the disk, the Multi-load still aint up to much.. a poor game.

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