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Wec Le Mans
Wec Le Mans
Programmer Jon O' Brien
Graphics Rab Hemphill
SFX/Music Jonathon Dunn
© Imagine 1988/Konami 1987
Advert Scans English
STSound Enabled
Reviewed by : Shaun Neary Reviewed on : 2001-11-16

Sport is the key word of the week really, me being Irish and just celebrating our qualification into the World Cup next year, I was in the humour for reviewing a sport game, but under the normal run of things, I'm not big into footy except for the World Cup. So I went for a driving game, but it's also an Arcade conversion of the 1987 Konami hit which had a circular chair that you could sit in and it would spin around. It went down well on the coin-op scene and Ocean were grabbing up licences to beat the band around this time. Operation Wolf was another biggie they grabbed but that'll be reviewed at a later stage. Neary slams the tape into the deck, goes downstairs and fixes up a coffee and braces himself for the drivers seat.

Wec Le Mans
Lets Go!
Wec Le Mans

It wasn't my fault

Based on the 24 hour race at Le Mans, that's basically what the aim of the game is. Race your car, beat the checkpoints and avoid getting creamed by the competetion. This can be difficult to do because this one's a bit more intelligent than your average CPC race game, because if two opponants cars bump into each other, both cars go spinning to the edge, and they can take you out with them! Something the CPC was never really used to, so a nice piece of programming involved to get that trick going. There's no ranking. it's just a case of racing against the clock. It might sound a little boring and repetetive but it's anything but because believe me, as the game progresses, it does get harder.

Loading time doesn't take long at all, which is probably just as well really. Screen is alright but one can only look at that car so many times so tape users may want to consider reading a magazine or finding some other similar distraction. The game loads up and Dunn's music kicks in which actually isn't too bad but tends to get a little repetitive. It probably wouldn't be too bad for in game music but unfortunately the CPC is deprived of this. Another thing that was forgotten was the machine they were working on, because this is, ladies and gentlemen, a speccy port. Although It's not the worst speccy port in the world, The colour scheme worked well if not a little on the blue side, it wasn't a Joe Blade so it has something to its credit.

Wec Le Mans
Computer cars crash as well

One major drawback in the game is the fact that there is only one track. Do not let this put you off in any way because as you get through the checkpoints it does get harder, especially when you get to lap three. The cars crash into each other more frequently leaving you to dodge for your life. The time limit doesn't be so generous by the time you finish your second lap either so there is a challenge in the game. The scrolling is done well and this game actually has speed to it. This is the beauty thing of this game that made it worth coming back for. It had the grab factor but when all was said and done, once you finished the game, that was it. There's no real reason to come back to it.

And unfortunately, that's where the game falls. Just short of something to write home about. It has speed, it has the playability and even has graphics identical to the arcade but lacking in colour. The only thing they couldn't get right in this one was need to come back to it. Thankfully one year and a half later, the plus machines were released with Burnin' Rubber which was done in full colour. But this is by no means, a bad game. Recommended.

Looks well considering it's ported from Speccy Nice music, too bad it's not in game.
Very playable…..
…until you finish the one and only track four times.

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